Amos House Programs

A Focus On Skills to Facilitate a Transition to Independence

Amos House is a transitional living facility serving the greater Danbury area, dedicated to ensuring that homeless women and their children have the opportunity to achieve the competency and wherewithal required for permanent, self-sufficient and independent living.

Applicants must demonstrate the ability and willingness to help themselves and accept professional guidance. They must also be without a permanent home; be referred by an accredited agency and/or shelter; complete a rigorous application process; be amenable to living in a semi-communal setting; be substance-free; contribute 30% of their adjusted gross income (less allowances for children) to the program costs; and commit to complete their program within a specific time period (two year maximum).

Once accepted, a program specific to the applicant's needs is developed by the Amos House staff. Programs may take up to two years depending upon individual circumstances.

Components of an individualized development plan may include:

  1. Therapy to manage stress and depression
  2. Communication and problem solving for successful co-habitation
  3. Practical help with basic living skills
  4. Nutritional counseling
  5. Parenting skills
  6. Household budgeting
  7. Self-esteem enhancement
  8. Co-dependency support groups
  9. How to tools: renting an apartment, day-care, parent/teacher relations
  10. Healthy family recreational activities
Amos House is Now in Partnership with TBICO.

Furthermore, effective July 2019, Amos House began working in partnership with TBICO - The Bridge to Independence and Career Opportunities - to expand programming offered to our clients.  This includes workplace skills, job search, employability, budgeting, computer literacy and other technical skills. All Amos House residents are compelled to participate in this critical training opportunity in order to facilitate their ultimate transition to independent living.

Other workshops and development programs, using certified  external professionals, may be added as they befit individual situations.  Ultimately, Amos House seeks to customize a program that best suits the resident.

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